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The Wanbli Wiconi Tipi is currently seeking volunteers for programming at the Juvenile Detention Center.  Volunteers are important to us and we would like to encourage the public to participate in helping our youth and community.  We are seeking volunteers in the following areas and are open to ideas:


Chess Club, Inspirational Stories, Sewing, Beading, Health and Wellness Education, Mentorship program, Lakota Story Telling, Spiritual/Ceremonial Teachings, Lakota Language, Reading and Writing Club, Arts and Crafts, Computer Technology, Prayer Services, Character Development Programs....etc.


To become a volunteer you must do the following:


1.                  Fill out a simple application and identify what you want to volunteer for.

2.                  All routine volunteers will have to complete a background check.

3.                  For more information contact Deanne Bear Heels-Program Specialist at (605) 856-5264



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