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The Wanbli Wiconi Tipi Youth recently received a generous donation from Mr. James "Pops" Litzau of Wisconsin.  Through Russel Masartis of the Tree of Life program located in Mission South Dakota we at the Wanbli Wiconi Tipi have been honored to meet Mr. Litzau who has contributed many wood working tools and organized them to an efficient wood shop for our youth to enjoy.  Mr. Litzau has spent countless hours in the program setting up the shop and teaching youth and staff the beautiful techniques of wood crafting and "intarsia" or wood mosaic.  











Thank you Mr. James "Pops" Litzau for your help with our youth and our program. 



Little Wooden Bear





This is the first artistic project completed in the Wanbli Wiconi

Tipi Wood Craft Shop.  The wood art is known as Intarsia or

wood mosaic.  The shop started with the generous assistance

of Mr. James Litzau, Milwaukee-Wisconsin and Russel

Masartis of the Tree of Life in Mission-South Dakota. 

The shop was started on February 20, 2009 and this project

was completed on February 27, 2009 by a youth artist.


Executive Proclamation

of the



Office of the President


WHEREAS,   The Rosebud Sioux Tribe believes that all children are sacred

and that good positive experiences are key to their development and the future

of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.


WHEREAS,  The Wanbli Wiconi Tipi Youth Wellness and Renewal Center

is a Rosebud Sioux Tribally Operated youth program that is dedicated to

community improvement by working with adjudicated youth and providing

them an opportunity and an environment to learn and grow and make better

decisions upon release.


WHEREAS,  Mr. James Litzau has contributed thousands of dollars in

power tools and wood crafting machinery.


WHEREAS, Mr. James Litzau has contributed many hours of his time

traveling from his home in Milwaukee Wisconsin, setting up the wood shop

equipment and spending time teaching youth and staff about wood crafting

techniques.  He arrived at Wanbli Wiconi Tipi on February 19, 2009 and

will depart on March 13, 2009.


WHEREAS, Mr. James Litzau, as an elder has served as a role model

by his portrayal of values such as:  Generosity, Humility, Courage, Resilience,

Respect, Fortitude and Wisdom.


NOW THEREFORE, I, Rodney Bordeaux, President of the Rosebud

Sioux Tribe do hereby proclaim March 12, 2009 as:











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