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This grant is over as of September 30, 2014.  However, we are sustaining the projects (Greenhouse, Bee Keeping, Gardening) with existing staff.  We are always looking for volunteers as well.  Contact us if you have questions.  Thank you.

 Summer 2013 Green Projects Newsletter

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Press Release on Tribal Juvenile Detention Re-Entry Green

Demonstration Program

On October 1, 2009 the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of Rosebud, South Dakota was awarded an OJJDP Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Green four year grant award. This newly awarded demonstration program is a component of OJJDP's Tribal Youth initiative. It is also the first year that OJJDP has released a solicitation that exclusively focuses on providing services and programming for tribal youth in juvenile detention facilities in Indian Country.

With this new demonstration program, OJJDP seeks to enhance opportunities for federally recognized tribes to provide comprehensive and quality programs for tribal youth who reside within or are being released from tribal juvenile detention centers. This program also marks the first time that OJJDP is sponsoring an initiative that encourages funding recipients to partner with institutions and organizations to incorporate green technologies and environmentally sustainable activities as part of their programs; educational, training, and reentry activities for tribal youth participants.

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe will develop and implement this demonstration program at the Juvenile Detention Center called Wanbli Wiconi Tipi Youth Wellness and Renewal Center.  The OJJDP Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Green grant award will give the Rosebud Sioux Tribe WWT Youth Wellness and Renewal Center the resources to develop and implement environmentally green technologies that will provide education and training opportunities to create organic gardens, bee keeping, biodiesel fuels and renewal energy in solar and wind energy. The WWT Youth Wellness and Renewal Center seeks to successfully reintegrate and transition tribal youth back into their tribal community through increasing their knowledge of sustainable environmentally green technologies which will substantially increase job opportunities for tribal youth.  

On December 15th, 2009 Ms. Laura Ansera, Tribal Youth Coordinator Office of Policy Development OJJDP, Patrick Dunckhorst, Program Manager OJJDP and Janet Chiancone, Research Coordinator OJJDP will make a formal site visit on behalf of OJJDP to meet with Rosebud Sioux Tribal leaders and detention staff, and tribal youth at the facility to discuss the planning, implementation, and evaluation components of the OJJDP Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Grant award for the Wanbli Wiconi Tipi Youth Wellness and Renewal Center.

For more information, please contact Miskoo Petite, Facility Administrator; 605-856-8702.


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